“What’s it like working with Kendra?”

It’s so important to find a photographer that you can trust and who makes you feel 100% at ease so that working side by side with them is a joy and not a burden.  While I strive to create a business that is high end and professional, I also love to cultivate friendships with each client.  One of the things I enjoy the most about being a photographer is being able to meet new people and build a trusting and fun friendship with them!  My photo sessions are always light and fun- laughter is always included.  No one wants to come away with stiff and awkward poses.  The goal is to create photos that reflect YOU.  To show off your personality and reflect true and real emotion.

I want you to know what my process with each client looks like…so please, take a moment to check out my process below!



1. First contact

Send me an email request though the contact page.  The more information you can provide, the better!  I just love hearing all about your wedding details.

2. Pre- Consultation

All of my clients are offered a FREE pre-booking consultation.  It’s a great way to be able to get to meet each other before you make any decisions and gives you an opportunity to see and feel the products I have to offer.  It also gives me a chance to get to know you better, hear what you are looking for and share a little more about how I work!

3. Booking

When you are convinced that I am the photographer you’ve been searching for, the first step in booking is to pay the booking fee. It is a $250.00 deposit and is put towards the package of your choosing. The rest of the amount is due one month prior to your wedding day. The second step is signing the contract, which will be sent to you via email. You can pay that via check or PayPal, whichever is more comfortable for you.

4. Questionnaire

After saving your date on my calendar, I will send you an online questionnaire that will help me keep all of your information all in one place.  I always appreciate all the information you are able to share!

5. Engagement session

Not everyone wants an engagement session, and that’s okay!  However, I do highly recommend it!  It gives you a chance to get in front of the camera and feel what it is like to have me as your photographer.  That way, on your big day, you will already be comfortable in front of the lens and I guarantee, it will make a difference!  The session can take place whenever and wherever you choose.  It’s nice to choose a place that is meaningful to you as a couple.  All of my portrait sessions take place 1-2 hours before sunset (or at sunrise if you’re into that!) so we can take advantage of the most beautiful lighting of the day.  Engagement packages are not included in the wedding price.  I want you to be able to get everything you are looking for from your engagement session!

6. Timeline Meeting

A month or so prior to your wedding day, we will meet (either at your church or venue if it’s convenient) to plan and review the specifics of your day.  I have found that the day unfolds better when you prepare the timing of your day ahead of time.  How long does it take to get photos of your whole family?  Are we traveling to get bridal party photos at a separate location?  Where will everyone be getting ready?  It’s crucial to know and plan for the day as best as we can.  Everyones wedding day is different and I want to give you a personalized timeline to insure that it flows smoothly!

7. Wedding Day

Hooray! Your big day is here!  All the extra planning and preparation will pay off.  I promise.  It’s time to relax and enjoy your big day with your loved ones.

8. Final Product

Depending on the length and size of your wedding, you will receive somewhere between 600-800 high resolution digital files safely stored on a personalized flash drive.  If your wedding takes place during busy season (spring or fall), it will take somewhere between 6-8 weeks to cull, produce, organize and store your images.  When all the images are prepared, you will be able to log onto your personalized gallery to hand pick images from your day to print from my professional print lab.  Depending on which collection you have chosen, you will also be able to review your wedding album at this time (before it is sent to the lab for production) and add any products to your collection.  Then all you have left to do is reminisce and enjoy the sweet memories from your special day!