Meet Kendra Arnick

I strive to create a quality product for my clients and to deliver to them works of art featuring them as the dazzling centerpiece.

Hello friend! Thanks for stopping by!

At every photo shoot, I strive to create a one of a kind experience and deliver quality products for each and every client.  My mission is to capture moments and preserve memories that will last a lifetime. To me, being a photographer means capturing all of life’s greatest moments and turning them into memories.  Memories to enjoy, to share with others and to later be pulled out from the past to love, to cherish and to remember what used to be.

I love to create simple, yet beautiful images with natural light.

I am a wife of a loving and supportive husband, a mother of two beautiful children, and a stay-at-home photographer enjoying this amazing ride!

My journey as a photographer began in 2010 and has been growing and changing my life in so many amazing ways. It has stretched me WAY out of my comfort zone and has provided me opportunities to meet and work with so many wonderful people.