Trent & Marissa | High School Sweethearts and Best of Friends

Trent and Marissa first met in elementary school and started dated during their sophomore year in high school.  After a while, they decided to just be friends and go their separate ways.  But as more time passed, they found themselves spending more and more time together again.  More recently they “officially” became a couple once more and Trent asked Marissa to be his wife. Fast forward to this summer and their love story gets a new beginning.  In July they vowed their love for one another, promising each other forever.  Their wedding day was short and sweet and beautiful.  Surrounded by close friends and family, they said “I do” in Trent’s home church after sharing a teary-eyed (or sweaty- if you ask Trent) and meaningful ‘first look’ and then were able to enjoy a small and sweet dessert reception afterwards. They both share a quirky sense of humor and care deeply for one another.  They love spending one-on-one time together (eating pizza and watching movies is their fav!) and seem to easily make each other laugh. Trent is smart and kind and Marissa is soft spoken and silly, often seen making goofy faces. I’ve known Trent for a long time and it has been an honor capturing all of the big moments in his life thus far- from pictures with his family as a teen, to senior portraits, to now, his wedding! It has been fun getting to know these two and how they are together… to learn their love story and be able to share it with you all.  Wishing them all the best in their new life together has husband and wife!